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5 Best ways to Earn Money on YouTube – How to Earn Money on YouTube in India 2020

5 Best ways to Earn Money on YouTube - How to Earn Money on YouTube in India 2020

If you want to make money on YouTube? If Yes, you are in the right place. After reading this article you will know How to Earn Money on YouTube in India.
The most common way to earn money on YouTube is ad revenue. But it’s not the only way to make money. is the second biggest and most used search engine after Google.
Every month more than 2 billion users logging in to YouTube. So you already have an idea about YouTube earning. Here I am sharing you the 5 best ways to earn money on YouTube.

1 YouTube Partner Program
2 Sell your Products
3 Earn through Creating Sponsored Content
4 Use Crowd Funding
5 Get your followers to Pay you

Steps by Step process: How to Make Money on YouTube in India 2020

1 YouTube Partner Program
YouTube Partner Program is a common way to earn money on YouTube. In this program, YouTubers get access to surprising features on this platform.

To make money on YouTube you don’t need to be a partner, but if you become a partner it is easier to handle things and make money easier. (Setting up an AdSense account for free)

A) How to start a channel on YouTube for Free
Setting up a YouTube channel is not rocket science, here is a step by step guide to creating a YouTube channel.
After creating a YouTube channel you need to focus on the best equipment to shoot wonderful YouTube videos. 
B) YouTube Partner Program Requirements
To Join in YouTube Partner Program 2 minimum requirements are there:
1000 YouTube Channel Subscribers &
4000 Hours of your channel watch hours in 12 months
C) Setting up an AdSense Account
AdSense Account set up is very simple. If you follow these steps you can create an AdSense Account just like that.

Sell Your Products on YouTube Merchandise Shelf

A) Imagine & Design your Product
If you want to connect your merchandise with your audience, your product and merchandise should be unique.

B) Build your Unique Merchandise
If you want to source your product, you will need a manufacturer, Supplier to make and deliver.
If you are not aware of where to start, check out this article. It will more helpful to your need.

C) Creating a Shop & Landing page for your Merchandise
For selling your products and other merchandise, you will need an exclusive website. If you want to sell directly from your YouTube videos, please check the YouTube approved websites list.

D) Enable YouTube Merchandise Shelf
If you want to sell your products and other merchandise on YouTube, you need to meet a certain requirement to enable shelf feature.

E) Promote your merchandise in YouTube Videos
If you want to promote your unique products, don’t forget to mention links in the description, end cards and end screens and don’t forget to thanks to your viewers.

Earn Money through creating sponsored content in YouTube

Creating Sponsored content is the best way to get your earning without deducting by YouTube. In this method, you can directly negotiate with your brand partner and he will directly pay you.

Before starting sponsored content, you need to focus on the following things like:
Find a Big Brand to Partner with and
Make a Deal with them and finally
Be transparent with your sponsored content ad.

Use Crowd Funding Method to Earn Money on YouTube

Requesting Online Donations are quite common nowadays. If you are looking to build a regular revenue monthly, Crowdfunding method is a good opportunity for YouTubers.
Steps in Crowdfunding:
Set up a Crowdfunding account in YouTube approved sites
Promote your Crowdfunding campaign in your YouTube videos
GO Beyond YouTube

Get your Followers Pay you

In this strategy, you have to make it easier for your fans and followers to appreciate with their payment. Here are a few different ways your followers can pay you:

Hosting live chats with Super chat, this feature is available to partners while they live stream only.

Motivate your followers and fans to become your channel members.

Encourage your viewers to become premium subscribers.